Kiln Dried Cooking Wood – You spend good money on fine foods, spices, rubs and other ingredients. But remember, wood is an ingredient too. For quality results, use quality ingredients and start with SMOAK! Your choice of wood is going to affect the flavor of your food, so it’s best to use organic, chemical free, USDA certified kiln-dried wood. We offer red oak, white oak, hickory, pecan, post oak, cherry, or maple to get the flavor you’re looking for.



Kiln Dried Firewood – Have you ever bought wood that you could not get to burn well? That was because of the high moisture content. Firewood must be dried properly to burn well. We have a unique kiln drying process that sets our company apart from the rest. Smoak Firewood provides only the best USDA certified kiln dried woods on the market. It lights fast, burns clean, hot, and with less smoke. Experience the difference with our kiln dried firewood!


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We are located in Senoia, GA (30 miles South of the Atlanta Airport), we offer delivery and local pickup options.  Click below if you want information on pickup from our Senoia, Georgia location or delivery within Coweta/ Fayette County or Metro Atlanta area.  We offer delivery in our trucks within 40 miles of Senoia, GA (30276). If you are outside our local range, please use “OUR SHOP” to order.


Smoak Firewood
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Lori WilsonLori Wilson
17:26 25 Sep 23
This is the best kiln dried firewood in Atlanta.
Edward SmithEdward Smith
13:20 20 Sep 23
A buddy turned me on to Smoak’sWhen I moved to the area. I've used it ever since. From camping trips with wood in the back of the hatchback, or storing it in the garage, I love having pest free firewood! It burns slower and hotter! I will be a life long Smoak's customer.
Paul AdamsPaul Adams
15:13 03 Sep 23
Best smoking wood ever! After leaving east Texas to move to the western US states, I was finally able to reproduce the Texas smoked brisket flavor my family was craving. Smoak Firewood made all the difference. It burned perfectly clean and consistently. Thank you!
09:32 31 Aug 23
Rob WilfongRob Wilfong
18:04 27 Aug 23
Great wood for my Kamado grills. Ships quickly so I get it. Wonderful customer service when I had questions.
13:30 25 Aug 23
My first time ordering their products for a specific flavor profile and I had some questions about the exact wood origin as it appeared a bit different than I was accustomed to. I didn’t have any complaint, just some questions, as I had a good expectation in ordering from them since their product offerings have specific varieties noted, unlike some others that are a bit more vague in description.So I wrote them an email with my questions and comments and received a very prompt and personal response, both requesting a bit more info to better help, and assurance that I could count on them to supply specifically what was needed.With a few more follow up questions the responses were equally rapid and personable. I felt they went above and beyond to address my specific requirements and felt clearly valued as a customer.The wood splits were packed densely and were comprised of nice, straight pieces, so the box wasn’t filled with a bunch of gnarled, unsplittable chunks that won’t suffice or not burn uniformly. It was thoroughly dried and ready to use.I definitely will recommend Smoaks Firewood products for anyone’s smoker/pizza oven/barrel aging/grilling, etc…Thanks, and keep up the great work, Smoaks!
Shawn MathewsShawn Mathews
18:52 11 Aug 23
The staff were very helpful. They loaded my truck quickly. The wood is very high quality and well-seasoned. I am very pleased.
Steven JonesSteven Jones
14:42 22 Jun 23
The ONLY wood I use for my BBQ smoker. Amazing quality, dry and burns super clean, amazing customer service, and great shipping times. I’ve been using smoak firewood for a while now and will not be changing.
Aran JacksonAran Jackson
19:02 26 May 23
Timely delivery. Wood looks great. Had to all customer service for a question and she was able to assist me within seconds!
Christopher GonzalezChristopher Gonzalez
21:32 24 May 23
The one and only Company I use for cooking wood! Wood is kiln dried burns excellent and provides a great taste to all my cooks!
Monti HouseMonti House
16:16 18 Apr 23
Wood perfectly dried and ready for your smoker! Son bought a full box of hickory to take back to North Carolina, I got pecan chunks...delicious! Outstanding price for the quality!
Holger BruecknerHolger Brueckner
20:51 28 Feb 23
The oak & maple cooking wood pieces for a Ooni pizza oven are great. Clean burn, consistent sizes. Just wished shipping was less expensive.
Laura KangLaura Kang
13:53 28 Feb 23
Smoak Firewood has been the highlight of my winter season up here in New York. I get bulk deliveries. I usually choose the hickory - it is dry, not smoky, burns well and has a wonderful aroma. But I've tried all the wood varieties and they are good. Thank you, Smoak Firewood!
23:47 08 Jan 23
Best firewood in the area!The wood is kiln dried (so no bugs), the wood is dirt free, and burns clean and easily. Their service is great and the guys who deliver the wood are always helpful. I’ve been a customer for over 6 years now, and won’t go anywhere else for my firewood.They also sell various woods for cooking.
James LongJames Long
23:20 06 Dec 22
Worth every penny! This wood burns better than any firewood I’ve ever purchased. I was tired of getting “seasoned” wood that just sizzled in the fireplace and wouldn’t burn. This wood always burns hot and keeps the house warm. They have great service as well! You can find cheaper wood, but this firewood is in a class of its own. Seriously!
James BannisterJames Bannister
14:56 27 Nov 22
Excellent quality Hickory firewood. Delivered promptly and on-time! The house was warm and cozy last night with a great aroma of hickory!This is our first time purchasing kiln dried firewood and we are very happy with the decision to purchase from Smoak!
18:40 09 Nov 22
Burns like the Dickens! Perfect size for the Ooni pizza oven. Temps reach a cool 900º!! Will definitely use this firewood in the future.
Dr Andy LaBDr Andy LaB
12:48 23 Sep 22
Highest quality, kiln-dried firewood that has burned well for us consistently over the last 5 years. Excellent service by delivery personnel who carefully stack the logs. Easy online ordering process with prompt response.
Seth SandlerSeth Sandler
18:57 07 Sep 22
I've been ordering firewood from Smoak Firewood for a few years now. They send it to me in Florida from Georgia. The price is fair, and the quality of the wood is top notch. They get the wood delivered, even when it's a large order, within a few days at most. If you are like me, and you love having a fire year round, then I can promise you, order from Smoak Firewood. You won't be disappointed.
Mark RyanMark Ryan
13:11 18 Jul 22
We love your different cooking woods and the great service during delivery! We stock our fire pit with one of your racks and keep two large weatherproof containers with our cooking woods (kindling, chunks and logs) for the pizza oven and Big Green Egg next to it.On our previous first order, you even came back out to exchange the wood because you thought it might not be dry enough, due to a power outage affecting your kilns.Now who does that anymore?.....Nice Service!
00:58 16 Jun 22
I have ordered cooking wood for smoking meats twice from Smoak and have been very happy with my purchases. The wood burned cleanly and produced a great smoke flavor. The representative I spoke with was friendly and provided great customer service. Delivery was fast. I highly recommend Smoak and will continue to purchase from them.UPDATE… I’m still impressed with Smoak Firewood!! I have purchased hickory wood logs from them several times. They always provide a superior product with outstanding customer service. The wood is dried well and burns cleanly. The logs are true to size, and the boxes are fully packed. I have always been extremely satisfied with their cooking wood quality, the amount of wood for the price, the ease of ordering, and prompt delivery.Their website shows a variety of wood types, sizes, quantities, and even local delivery options for certain Georgia areas. I’ve called and texted them with several questions about their pricing and delivery options and they are always very helpful. Smoak Firewood is a great company and I will definitely continue to purchase their cooking wood!
BigDawg98GT DoeBigDawg98GT Doe
00:18 20 Apr 22
I am very pleased with the quality of this firewood. I used some this evening to grill some wings and was impressed at how quickly the wood caught on fire. It was small enough to fit inside of my charcoal starter and it was ready to go within 15 minutes or so. You get a generous amount in the large box and the size is great for what I need. I highly recommend giving them a try. I ordered the post oak wood. Shipping was delayed for some reason (by FedEx) but it still arrived in a decent amount of time.


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We have a unique kiln drying process that allows us to provide the highest quality wood on the market. We take fresh logs and kiln dry them which reduces the moisture content down to allow the wood to light easily, burn cleaner, hotter, and longer than others. We also buy our timber from loggers versus tree service wood. This makes a huge difference. Loggers are cutting down timber to clear land versus tree services that are primarily cutting down dead trees. With our state-of-the-art equipment and process, we are also USDA certified, which means our wood is free from bugs and mold and safe to ship anywhere.


Drying Process

As the 1st USDA Certified company in GA, we have a unique kiln drying process that makes us the industry leader.


No Bugs

Kiln dried wood is bug and parasite free. During the kiln drying process the bugs and parasites are eliminated.


Consistent and Safe

Kiln dried wood is much safer because it burns cleaner with less smoke and ash and much less creosote buildup in your chimney.