A Brief Overview of Kiln Dried Firewood Services

Closeup shot of the wood pieces

Firewood is one of the best tools used for cooking and keeping warm during colder months. Nevertheless, sourcing firewood is not easy. You have many options, but buying this product from providers of kiln dried firewood services is one of the best decisions. Many do not understand what this subject entails and where to begin. Fortunately, the information in this article will offer proper guidance on a general overview of kiln dried wood.

What Is the Drying Process?

While many people prefer to exclusively use kiln dried logs for their home firepit, many have no knowledge regarding how they’re made. The process of drying firewood in a kiln is not as complex as many people assume. First, you should know that drying tree logs is essential to remove the moisture in fresh pieces. If not well-dried, this high moisture content will result in heavy smoke and the wood’s inability to burn well.

The logs are cut into equal pieces and placed in a kiln where they are exposed to high temperatures over a few days to rid them of moisture. According to Energypedia, the process starts by heating wood up to nearly 100 degrees Celsius, leading the moisture in the biomass to transform from its liquid state into water vapor. The moisture-turned-vapor evaporates into the air, and the residue is dry biomass.

Which Trees Are Used?

The companies offering kiln dried firewood services have a wide variety of tree choices. Hardwoods are typically the best for this process because they contain high moisture content and can withstand high temperatures without burning up. Some of the common trees used include sycamore, birch, ash, beech, and oak. You should understand different logs will have varying factors, including the produced smell during the heating process, heat output, burn time, and lighting ease.

How Should Kiln Dried Wood Be Stored?

Airflow and humidity levels are two critical considerations one has to keep in mind regarding the storage of kiln dried logs. It is advisable to keep them in a well-ventilated place such as under shade, in your basement, or in your garage. Additionally, stack them loosely and on a raised platform to prevent moisture accumulation. Fortunately, your kiln dried firewood services provider will ascertain that you have nothing to worry about regarding mites, mold, and insects.

Firewood dried in a kiln has gained popularity in the current world because of its outstanding benefits. Our services can help you get the best firewood for both residential and commercial use. Reach out to Smoak Firewood if you need our services!